Monday, November 04, 2013

Three Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate

Our annual pumpkin carving night!

We start with a Halloween dinner. This year was a hit! I made Jack 'O Lantern grilled cheese, blood soup, candy corn fruit cup, zombie booger beans and we even had apple cider (which was a big treat for dinner!). I wasn't crazy about the grilled cheese in pie crust, but Kent loved it. We might have to have them again since it's so hard to find things that he'll eat.

Then the pumpkin carving began!

Check out the awesome colors here...blech! But the subject matter is what is important! We found a pumpkin gutter drill bit that we decided to try. It loosened everything up on the inside and made for some quick gutting. Of course you still have to dig out the insides but at least there was less scraping.

Three little pumpkins with three little pumpkins!

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