Tuesday, November 05, 2013


For the post-season the Colt division of Flag Football had an All-Stars game. Anyone who played during the season could come and they would divide into two teams and play each other. I did quite a bit of grumbling since the game started an hour late, I had a lot to do when I got home and it was so cold out. Not to mention that I was in a skirt since I came from Auxiliary training. But boy we were all singing a different tune as soon as we saw Clark score a TOUCHDOWN! Here's a little recap of Clark's 14 seconds of fame!!

And this could be one of my favorite moments during the entire season. After Clark's touchdown, Hayden came running to him to give him a high 5! Seriously awesome.

Ian and Kent cheered from the sidelines! Well, they at least ate candy...

I also caught this awesome flag pull by Hayden! I was trying to get a flag pull all season and finally managed on the very last game. Way to go Hayden!

Great game for our All Stars!

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