Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meet Jack x 4

Annual Pumpkin Carving!

Clark loved every minute of the pumpkin carving and at the end said, "Today was the best." He drew 4 faces on his pumpkin and was a little disappointed when Jason told him he had to only pick one to carve.

Kent loved it too...he would not be quiet until we gave him the carving tool. I know that's when I'm supposed to say, "too bad, carving tools aren't for 1 year olds" but we gave it to him anyway! He carved his little piece of pumpkin for a good 15 minutes. Now I know how to get some peace and quiet around here...
 The boo crew...2011

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MALaub said...

Kent is a very serious pumpkin artist. I can see that he wants to be one with his medium. I also like that Clark was not shy about touching the pumpkin guts. I'm not very fond of gooey stuff, but my kids wouldn't help me remove the stuffing. Next year, they remove it, or it stays in the jack o'lantern, and good luck trying to keep a candle going amongst the goo.


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