Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween 2013

And that's as creative a title as we're going to get!

Happy Halloween from the gang. Isaiah - football player, Alvina - nerd, Mary - Supergirl's sidekick, Kara - Supergirl, Clark - Grim Reaper, Kent - football player werewolf (aka: Toddler Wolf)

After getting all dolled up in costumes we hit Gigi's work for some easy candy. We go every year and the kids make out like bandits.

Seriously, isn't she just so precious...those eyelashes! She needs such big cheeks to hold up her lashes. Haha!

This year the whole family was invited to Clark's school party. We were all happy to go regardless of how Kent looks in this picture. Cracks me up!

Each of the first graders got a pumpkin from their field trip earlier this year. They each had to come up with a way to decorate it without carving it. Clark created a mummy out of his.

Some awesome cookie decorating and apple slices made for some fantastic Halloween treats. Then there was the school parade. I was surprised at how many kids I'm getting to know at the school. It's fun to see the kids I recognize.

It was agony waiting for Isaiah and Alvina to show up for trick or treating! Don't you just want to pull his tail?

Off they went in the rain to collect as many Milky Way candy bars for me as possible!

For previous Halloween posts: 2012, 2011, 2010 (I have to round up some 2010 pics! Clark was an awesome Batman and Kent was Clark Kent.), 2009, 2008, 2007

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-michele said...

which lens did you use for the eyelashes shot? It is amazing... the lashes and the shot!


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