Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pumpkin or Mummy?

Maybe it's both! Clark got this pumpkin from his field trip last month and had the assignment to turn it into something other than a pumpkin without carving it. He decided to make it a mummy. 

How to:
1. Draw a face on your pumpkin with permanent marker
2. Rip fabric strips (we made ours about 1.5" x 4-5")
3. Paint a section of the pumpkin with liquid nails (you could probably use a different kind of glue, but this one is my favorite!)
4. Attach fabric strips until the pumpkin is covered

Liquid nails is NOT intended for your dining room table.

Finished mummies!

You can see some of the other pumpkins here.

1 comment:

-michele said...

Awesome Mummy! I would never have known it was a ghost.

Disquising pumpkins so they won't get carved was always my favorite (oops, I mean Cana and Eli's favorite) activity. A couple of years, the theme became more specific and it had to be a literary character.


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