Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

Happy Halloween! Clark has been asking to be a devil for months. He's always so willing to play the part too. He loves getting in character and posing. Kent was giving us a hard time on picking a costume. We would suggest things and he would just say that he wanted to be nothing. We thought about making him nothing, but then settled on a hockey player. Once he got in costume and was handed a hockey stick and puck...there was no turning back! He was in love! Let's face it...for these boys, it's all about the accessories.

We tried to black out some teeth for Kent, but the tooth wax was a little harder to work than we thought. So the black eye had to be enough. I went for the more subtle look of the black eye below. Jason created the one in the photo above. Nothing subtle about that black eye.

He's ready for the ice.

Are you scared yet? This is THE bad guy of all bad guys. I wasn't quite sure where to go with the costume, so I asked Clark what a devil looked like. He told me in great detail, "Black pants, a black shirt with a red skull, a red cape, a red face, red hair, and a pitchfork with a skull on it." I got to work and made the shirt and cape. I worried about getting the right pitchfork, but Party City came through with this Pitchfork of Doom. Love it. The horns drove me nuts though. They kept sliding down so sometimes he looked a little more like a bull than a devil.

His hair was really an experiment. He wasn't allowed to wear accessories to school, so we wanted to give him horns without the horns. At trunk or treat we just spiked it kind of like last year.

Having some Halloween fun

The trick or treating crew. They didn't last very long...not even through the whole neighborhood. Lightweights.

I got to go to Clark's school to help with their Halloween party. It was a blast to be back in a classroom. At the end of the day the kids walked around the school for a parade. Clark brought up the rear.

Can't wait to see what our costumes will be next year!

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