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Our Northwoods ABCs - Part 3

Our Northwoods ABCs - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4

I had one guess of "more fun" for the letter M. I'm going to have to save that one for a future vacation log. This time around we went with something a little more specific.

M is for Movies (and maybe some marshmallows too)

Jason always brings his outdoor movie set up when we go on vacation now. It's fun to build a fire and watch a movie together. This time we watched Bedtime Stories. Most of the family did anyway. Kara started crying shortly after it started. I went inside to see if she would go to sleep and I had finally laid her down and walked outside only to see "The End" up there on the big screen. Bummer. Later in the week it rained a bit, so we set up the projector in the cabin and watched The Lion King and The Great and Powerful Oz. We were going to try to hook the Wii up to the projector too but I'm not sure if they ever did.

Isaiah and I built a fire for some heat for the movie and of course for the marshmallow roasting. I love this picture of Clark. He reminds me of John Travolta and I fear he may break into song about Sandy at any moment.

Dave brought his GoPro camera on vacation. It was pretty cool to get movies from a different perspective. He took it on the waverunners and on the tubes on Eagle River. I'm not sure how exciting a tubing video would be, but maybe he caught some eagles or something on it. Then Josh got to wear it on the go-karts. When we were on the go-karts, I was riding with Kent and we were slowing down so we could be in the video. The camera came by just as we were going up a hill. We didn't have enough steam to get up the hill and rolled backwards. Then Jason comes along and slows down to make fun of us for not being able to make it up the hill. He stopped laughing once his go-kart started rolling in the opposite direction too! So much for making a good impression on camera!

N is for Naptime

Vacations are notorious for wreaking havoc on children's sleep schedule. This one was no different. The kids tried to sneak in some zzzz's any chance they could. Looking back I wish we would have pushed Isaiah off the boat while he was sleeping here. Too bad he wasn't asleep with his life vest on or we probably would have done it!

O is for Our Lake House

Whenever we go on vacation where there is water, Jason starts talking about our lake house. We have planned on moving to a lake when we retire, but now he wants to push the timeline up a little sooner. I'm not totally on board yet since we still have a TON of stuff to do on our house. Wouldn't it be fun though? I've started a Pinterest board called Our Lake House to gather ideas for our dream. While we were out on the boat, we found many lovely properties that we would love to have! They are just $1 million dollars over budget.

P is for Paul Bunyan

Ahhhh, the cook shanty! This year we stopped at Paul Bunyan's for a fantastic breakfast to start our vacation. They have the most amazing sugar donuts in the world. And I know donuts.

How do you like that Clark is picking Babe's ear and Kent is picking his nose.?

Q is for Quilting and Crafting

I guess technically I was piecing, but do you know how hard it is to come up with a Q? I guess I could have gone with Quiet except that there wasn't any of that to be found, haha! So here we are back at my quilt top. I picked up this awesome jelly roll back in January 2012. 18 months to piece a quilt that was just for me for fun - I'd say that's pretty good!

We always have a list of projects that we do up at the cabin. This year Kelli brought stuff for the kids to do some Pinterest projects like making crayon candles. They didn't really work out the way they were supposed to, but it kept little fingers busy. They also made parachute cord bracelets. Dave brought his models to put together. And we did a puzzle that Kelli wants to frame. We gathered rocks for googly eye rock pets but didn't get around to making them. Maybe next year.

R is for Renting a Pontoon

On the last day we decided to rent a pontoon boat and some tubes. Clark, Jason and Alvinia loved the tubes. Isaiah and Kent did not. They were the only brave souls to try them. I decided not to do a tube this time around. A Northwoods summer is certainly not known for the heat. It was probably 70 outside and the water was colder. Clark made his dad super proud. He was steering the tube, making jumps and he even took his hands off the grips. He had a hard time letting others ride it because he was having so much fun. Then when the boat would stop, he and Alvinia wanted to get out and swim. How fun is that? Kent did get in the tube, but it didn't work out. Jason tried holding on to the back at first, but the boat wasn't fast enough to get him up on the tube. Then we tried Kent sitting on Jason's lap but they toppled backward before the boat even moved. Kent was mad about getting on in the first place, so we decided that he didn't have to ride it if he didn't want to. Usually we force the kids to do things they don't want to. It's our job to ruin their lives, er...give them opportunities.

It was so nice to be on the boat though. It was maybe one of the more relaxing things we did. We saw a lot of wildlife: loons, otters and many eagles! The boat was brand new and we made some very BAD food choices! We brought on orange soda, popcorn, chocolate donuts, PB&J. Seriously could we have picked messier things? Maybe caramel apples? Even with all the possibility of messiness, the boat stayed clean except where we brought the anchor up!

More ABCs coming soon!

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