Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Northwoods ABCs - Part 1

Our Northwoods ABCs - Part 2Part 3 and Part 4

The last time we went to Minocqua I compiled our vacation stats by the number. This time I thought we'd try it ABC style. That means that these will be a smidge out of order...wouldn't it be cool if you could only do things on your vacation in ABC order? No, probably not. Hmmpf. Here goes...

A is for Astro Van

For all of the grief that I give about the color of my big blue, it really is a great van. We bought a hitch adapter this year so that we could attach our bike rack and also a trailer. We felt a little like the Beverly Hillbillies. Some guy actually took a picture of the contraption on the way up there. I figured I'd be seeing it soon on Pinterest or Facebook with some slam on it. Maybe he was impressed...who knows, ha!

We made a nice little console for the boys in between their seats. It worked really well for them to be able to have snacks and drinks and activities without everything getting all over the place. We have to work out a better solution for the garbage though because that little plastic bag in the front where they can't reach just didn't work out. Kara had her own little set up with her new carseat toy. It worked some of the time. Other times the only thing that would work was taking her out of the carseat which meant we had to pull over. I'm glad we didn't travel to Canada with her yet. She would have been awful for 30 hours. 6 was plenty.

Clark modeling his favorite place to stop on road trips...or any time he gets to pick the place for fast food. He ate it twice on the way home!

B is for Bumper Boats

We made an impromptu stop at Elmer's, a new go-kart/horse stable/golf place. This one had bumper boats too! The kids loved them. Clark was tall enough to ride them on his own but he wanted to see how fast they went first. Jason took him on his first ride and then he said he definitely wanted to drive on his own. I guess I don't mind him being a bit cautious!

C is for Catching Critters

I'm glad that my kids have Jason because otherwise they might not ever want to catch critters. I certainly wouldn't be the one to teach them that! They caught some frogs - Alvinia even kissed it! Kent caught a snail then dropped it, oops! And Josh caught an Alvinia.

D is for Dunking

If there's water around...someone is getting wet. That's what we learned while in the great northwoods. And Jason was usually the reason. Clark knows better than to wait for dad. He just dunks himself now and earns his dad's respect!

Isaiah might have been a little full of himself while on vacation. We kind of kept wanting to teach him that he wasn't the best at everything, so we told Jason to give him the ride of his life on the waverunner and to be sure that falling in was included in the ride. Jason is always happy to cater to craziness on water so he did it. Jason's reaction was that it was the most fun he has ever had on a waverunner. Isaiah didn't speak for a good 3 hours. He might look happy in the picture but it was only to keep from slugging someone, I'm sure!

Jason's note: "Isaiah, you owe me a new pair of glasses!"

E is for Eagle River

We thought it might be time to introduce the kids to tubing on Eagle River. This is something that we used to do every year when we went up to the cabin. We even equipped them with water guns to make things more parents never did that!

We even went to the same place - Hawk's Nest Canoe Outfitters. My mom, Kelli, Kara and I shopped Eagle River while they were all on the tubes. We heard that Clark and Alvinia were kind of expecting a faster ride. They kept asking when it was going to be over. I'm surprised there wasn't more dunking...! Isaiah came out of the water and said that was the worst thing he ever did. How could tubing be that awful. You just float and enjoy nothingness. How wonderful would that be?! Next year Kara and I are going to try to go.

A snapshot of Gigi looking into middle distance and contemplating the meaning of life or something...

Kara in one of the rare instances where she slept in the carseat. Love those little toesies peeking out from underneath!

Stay tuned for more of Our Northwoods ABCs!


-michele said...

1) Trash Can that works great for our van is a mop bucket with a bungee cord around it fastened to the console in the front seat. It sits perfectly b/w the two seats in the 2nd row.

2) I LOVE LOVE LOVE bumper boats. There was a place near us, when we lived in NC, and we went there whenever we had the chance! There's a place here in Sugar Grove, but that's seems a little far just for bumper boats, right?

3) quiet for 3 hours!??? Can Jason take Eli and Cana on the waverunne too? {grin}

4) Kelli, Kara and (K)Cathy... it's K sound cubed! :-)

5) Contemplating the meaning of life? Really... it's probably more like... why do I keep inviting all these people to the cabin? I need peace and quiet!

6) What happened to Jason's glasses? 'overboard'??

Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out great.oy I was thinking there are a lot of people on this trip. It was a good time.


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