Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Northwoods ABCs - Part 2

Our Northwoods ABCs - Part 1Part 3 and Part 4

You've been on the edge of your seat wondering what F is going to be for, right? Wait no more...

F is for Fishing

The kids loved going down to the water to fish. They caught panfish mostly...and they mostly used a net...cheaters!

Kara's not really fishing, but it was on the same day...does that count? She was there. :)

G is for Go-Karts

We love riding the go-karts out in Wisconsin. Our favorite place is Holiday Acres. When we were younger we used to check out all the go-kart tracks in the area. We always came back to this one. It just so happens that it is the closest one too!

Pictures were rough on the go-karts this year. Not sure why...maybe it was getting too dark. Here's the best of the bad.

H is for Horses and Ponies

Horseback riding used to be an annual tradition too. I'm not sure why we stopped, but when the kids came along we started doing pony rides with them. This year we did pony rides for Clark and Kent and Alvinia and I took a horseback ride - so fun! This was also at Holiday Acres.

I is for Ice Cream (what else would it be for?)

Another must stop place is Charlie's Fine Cheese. We love to get our Windmere Brick cheese and also a little ice cream. This particular stop was notable since Isaiah ordered the 4 scoops in a cup. The lady at the shop challenged him to eat the whole thing. Not like he would back down or anything. If the lady's dare didn't motivate him, my mom would have! They had an awesome Snickers Fudge ice cream on this day too. The next day when we went was all gone. What a shame! I'm glad they had Kent's favorite flavor, Blue Moon. What on earth does a blue moon taste like?
Jason's note: Blue Moon ice cream tastes like Froot Loops.

J is for John Dillinger

We went to Little Bohemia. Jason heard about it from one of his accounts at work. It was the location of John Dillinger and his gang's shootout with the FBI. We weren't able to go up to the lodge room, but we could see the holes in the wall and windows of the dining room. Kent is sticking his finger in one in the picture. Next time we'll go early for the tour and then skip eating there.

K is for Kruzing on Bikes (sorry...that's the biggest stretch though!)

The guys and the kids went on a few bike rides over the ten days we were there. The ladies and Kara usually went shopping while they did their touring. Next year Kara and I will be able to join them though. We kind of feel like we missed out. It's one of the few times a year that I actually get on my bike! Clark was really good at keeping up with the group, but his little legs had to move a million miles a minute. Next year he definitely needs a new bike.

L is for the Lumberjack Show

What a fun time this was! The Scheer's Lumberjack Show in Woodruff, WI is hilarious and awesome. My mom and dad said that I went to a show when I was younger, but I don't remember it. They should have taken pictures. Then I would have remembered it! The lumberjacks were really talented and the skits were so funny. The show got rained out, so I hope we can do it again next time. I'd love to see it when there isn't a torrential downpour! The guy in the red plaid was a beast. He was the first place chopper in the Lumberjack Nationals or equivalent. He chopped through that log in about 10 seconds. The two guys in green with the double buck saw were able to saw through their log faster than another guy with a chainsaw. How crazy is that?

More of Our Northwoods ABCs to come...

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-michele said...

I got "M" More fun! teehee!

My favorite pic is of Ben eating his cone!


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