Thursday, February 28, 2013

President's Day at the Field

I always love a day at the Field Museum. The boys do too. Clark came into my room at 6:30 am completely dressed and ready to go. I hated to tell him that it would be hours before we would actually leave!

It's funny when I go through pictures of places like the museum or the zoo I see the same pictures just at a different time. Here's a previous trip and another one. You'll see a few similarities between those posts and this one. It's fun to see them growing up!

The boys think it is hilarious when we see rattlesnakes. So of course I have to take a picture.

Kent posing as a flamingo. The flamingo has become my favorite animal. When Jason and I got married, I found this really cool flamingo at Hobby Lobby that I just LOVED. That was the beginning. Every now and then I'd get a little flamingo thing from someone or I'd pick one up myself, but I tried not to say too much since that would mean I would be a flamingo collector...and that is a BAD thing in this family. Then I'd be bombarded by flamingos. Well, this year Jason and the boys bought me a lovely outdoor Christmas decoration flamingo. There's no closet collecting now. It's out in the wide open. Here comes the flamingo love.

Posing in the Apatosaurus footprint!

How did those ancient Egyptians do it?

Kent and Philip exploring the pyramid.

More fake it!

Clark among all of the animal mummies - falcons, geese, cats, and more.

Michele took this picture of Clark and I sharing a tender moment and learning that "Life on earth was nearly extinguished."

We finished up the day at the Play Lab. Kent only lay like this for a moment, but I really felt like crashing!

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-michele said...

I love how the kids really think that they are going to be able to move the 8,000 pound rock! :-)


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