Friday, March 01, 2013

Clark's Family Tree

I was really excited when Clark came home with a family tree assignment! We went through and found pictures of his four generations Then he and Jason glued them to the tree Clark created. He was so funny about a few things. He absolutely HAD to have a picture of Kara on the poster. Then he wanted me to label my mom and dad with step-grandma and step-grandpa. I told him that they weren't his step-grandma and step-grandpa, so I wouldn't do it. Then he asked what they were called when they were little. I told him that their names were Ben and Cathy. So he wanted me to write that. We finally got down to the bottom of things when we realized that he didn't want his class to know that he called them his Gigi and Boompa since those were non-traditional names. He is so funny sometimes. I decided to write both Gigi and Boompa and Ben and Cathy on the poster. Ha!

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