Friday, May 04, 2012

And a Museum Trip?

Over Spring Break we went with the Wilde's on a field trip the Field Museum. I love going back to the same places to take photos to see just how much the boys have grown. Check out the last time we were at the Field in 2010. Clark fits nice and tight in the Apatosaurus footprint with friends. Now he spills out!

(Top to bottom) Cameron loves Egypt. That was our first stop. He's here taking a little snooze here on the Egyptian bed. Kent taking it all in (out of his stroller! eek!). The three of us at the Underground Adventure. Clark walked through the whole thing covering his ears. I'm not sure what loud sound he was afraid of. Zachery, Kent and Clark on a dinosaur bone. Clark trying to pull a stone as big as one used to build a pyramid. Cameron, Clark, Kent and Clara in the bugs. Kent did not like the bug exhibit very much. I tried to get him to sit in this bug and he clung to me with his death grip. Then Clara goes in there and he starts asking to be put in. Aye.

With Sue....

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