Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Field Museum

We had a great day at the Field Museum with the Megan, Ali and James. Clark acted like he'd been there a million times and started giving tours...
His favorite parts were the dinosaurs and the animals. Look at that happy face!
Stegosaurus skeleton. I know he humors me and says cheese so nicely, but couldn't he look at the camera at the same time? I mean, who or what is more interesting than mom? Probably everything!
This was supposed to be a much cuter photo. I'm trying to decide whether these three are more like the Three Musketeers, the Three Amigos or the Three Stooges...
They are sitting in an Apatosaurus footprint. Did you know that an Apatosaurus is the new name for the Brontosaurus? Jason and I have been wondering why no one talks about the good old Brontosaurus anymore. Now I know. Thanks Megan!
A large femur
James and Clark playing in the all seeing house. There were like a million eyes on the outside. Weird.
My little paleontologist digging for fossils. Do you think he knows that it is sitting right there on the table?
In Clark's world, all dinosaurs fly.
Clark really gets into the rhythm section...hyuck, hyuck...
Drums look like more fun when you can climb in them or on top of them. You would think that banging as hard as you can on something would be enough for some kids.
Hanging out with Sue. Clark's getting sleepy, can you tell? I'm hoping this baby is a girl because then I would have an excuse to look this awful!
Yesterday when I told Clark about the museum, I told him there was a rock so big that even his dad couldn't pull it. Clark said that he was a big boy and that he could pull it. Are they born with that macho mentality? Here's proof that it didn't budge.
Off to check if the Museum of Science and Industry is free anytime soon!

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Melissa said...

I'm ready for you to be really, REALLY pregnant. I want to see some major belly action soon. So get working on that, okay?!


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