Saturday, February 16, 2013

National Christmas Center

We spent the day in Paradise! Paradise, PA. It is home to the National Christmas Center. A museum chock full of Christmas goodness which was perfect for our December vacation. It started out with Christmas around the world and in different eras. Then of course lots of Santa displays. And some neat Nativity things as well. 

The boys started out being quite contrary when I asked them to take a picture for me. Santa is watching all around and they are going to give me a hard time??? They thought it through and I got this...not too bad. Poor composition by me, but it's a snapshot.

This museum was our second encounter with wax figures. We went to the Gettysburg Wax Museum a few days earlier which was the scariest and most awful display of wax figures. And I know...I've been to Russia - home of all sorts of wax museums. The kids were frightened and the figures were just ugly and awful. The wax figures in this museum were a little less scary and a lot better maintained. The boys still weren't crazy about them, but they weren't frightened either!

Ded Moroz - Father Christmas!

They had a cute little Woolworth's/5 and dime store display too. The boys loved the elf tree since Sam was on our vacation with us too.  

Of course Santa was there too with all of his reindeer and so much more. We decided not to see Santa since Jason wasn't with us. We saved that for Bass Pro Shops.

There was an amazing creche display from all around the world. Then they had a really neat walk through kind of experience where you could get a better sense of how it was for Mary and Joseph. OK...there was no sand, extreme heat, taxes, etc. but there was pregnancy, haha! At the end of the walk through, you got to see this life size creche with, what else, wax figures!

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