Friday, December 14, 2012

Meeting with Mr. Claus

Tonight we took our annual trip to Bass Pro Shops for a photo with Santa. They have so much for the kids to do while mom waits in line. It's just lovely. I think I enjoyed a whole 20 minutes of "alone" time while Jason shuffled the kids to all of the different activities. 

Clark was excited to see Santa. He has been wanting to tell him what was on his Christmas list for a while now. He actually wanted to bring a whole list and tell him, but I had to explain that he could only ask Santa for one or two things. Kent wasn't so sure.

The meeting started out just as we expected. Clark ready and willing. Kent clinging to dad and refusing to sit on his lap. Santa was very understanding. He had the whole family stand together for a picture to put Kent at ease. Then he talked to both of them and soon Kent was okay with sitting on his lap. He wasn't excited about it, but he was okay with it.

Kent planned on telling Santa that he wanted to go bowling and golfing. Those are the two things that he talks about ALL. THE. TIME. He even prays for them. Each day he looks at me and asks, "Should we go bowling tomorrow mom?" If only my last name were Brunswick or something.

It must have been stage fright, because he ended up with a request for a toy truck. He'll be happy with that too. Kent's favorite part of the whole meeting? Getting the candy cane at the end. Of course.

Clark told Santa that he wanted the Imaginext T-Rex. He's been wanting it for a while now and no one seems to get it for him. Maybe Santa will pull through this year!! I have a feeling...

Crafty boys making what Clark calls "square things." He gave his to me. I love that they were both willing to make square things with no real purpose. Just an excuse to use glitter. Love that.

This year Bass Pro went all out and got a carousel! It was decked out in true Bass Pro style with moose, bear and the like. They look like they had a good time.

Can't wait to do it all again next year!

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