Sunday, February 17, 2013

Harley Davidson

York, PA is in the Factory Tour Capital of the World. One of those tours is at none other than the Harley Davidson Plant. We knew we couldn't go on the tour since the boys are so young, but we really wanted to visit the Welcome Center and just check it all out. On Jason's last day of class we picked him up and headed out to the plant. We had about 45 minutes or so to learn how a motorcycle was made and pick out our favorites.

It's no surprise that they boys loved this place! 

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a tour guide with coloring books, crayons and a play area for the kids. They were able to assemble a magnetic motorcycle. Yea...they loved it.

Then they found the motorcycles and were even more excited - not sure what Clark's face means, but Kent is showing real excitement.

We all picked out our favorite bikes for a picture since this is probably as close as we'll get to actually riding one of these.

Almost there!

I have since decided that if a bike is going to make my legs look like tree trunks that I am just not ever going to ride one. Besides...they are very uncomfortable.

I'll take it!

Riding Taiwanese style!

We can't wait to go back for a tour when the kids are all old enough. 13 more years or something...

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