Friday, May 23, 2014

Tball Double Header

We had two tball games this past Saturday. That means twice the fun right? This was Kent's first game which was hilarious. He was so happy to be playing in a game!

Sometimes he got a little bored and had to entertain himself.

Then the fight broke out between Kent and one of his teammates. This was one of the first times Kent got the ball but his teammate wanted to get it too. She wouldn't let him throw it at all. Finally he got out from behind her and threw the ball to first base. When he looks at these pictures, he just says, "she wouldn't get out of my way."

Jason was super excited to be out on the field helping the kids out. He was the second base coach and directed them where to run next which was important because they don't always run in the right direction.

That's keeping his eye on the ball!

Running home!

Kent played shortstop, first base and pitcher. He said his favorite part was when he was at bat.

Clark also played on Saturday. He played shortstop twice, third base and pitcher. He's loving the game. His favorite play is when the bases are loaded and someone doesn't hit the ball too hard. He runs up, grabs the ball and waits at home to tag the runner. He's done that a few times and his team loves it!

There was one time he was on third base getting ready to make a run. The bleachers are right in front of third so I was trying to cheer him on. I said, "Ok, Clark, time to go home!" He started to take his helmet off and walk off the field. He thought the game was over and we were really going home! Ha! It's like an Amelia Bedelia joke.

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