Saturday, May 24, 2014

She's 1!

Kara celebrated her first birthday on Sunday! We had some family over and had a wonderful time. 

It was such a nice day that we decided to have the party all outside. Usually we have some people inside and some outside, but after this winter, I want to soak up as many nice days as I can! Kara was getting a little overwhelmed with the day. During presents she just wanted to play with some of the toys for more than a few seconds, but we kept taking them away and replacing them with a new package to open. She was getting a little cranky. She got so many wonderful new things! She got an awesome picnic table, lots of new clothes (flamingo jammies and flamingo shorts!), a bitty baby and stroller and some books. She is having a blast playing with all of her new things and showing off her new clothes. 

Auntie Kelly made these amazing Supergirl cookies! The kids loved them...and ate them all before I had a chance to sample one!

Kara loved her cake. My mom and dad got her a smash cake and cake to share from Weber Bakery. This little girl needed no prompting to start shoveling that cake into her mouth. Right at the start she got cake in her eye. After a quick clean up she was back at it. I think she was more irritated that she had to stop eating to get her eye wiped out than anything. Towards the end she was getting so tired and was crying as she ate. But she didn't stop eating for a second. Atta girl!

Love her reaction to seeing her dirty face!

Happy birthday Kara! You are our supergirl!

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