Saturday, November 02, 2013

2013 Costume Parade and More

More Halloween posts! There might be a few more Halloween memories in my back pocket. Just so you know!

Clark wanted to be a devil this year just like he was last year. I was so sad that he didn't want to be something new, so we took a trip to Menard's. Isn't that where you go for all of your Halloween inspiration? We were there on other home reno business and love to check out the Halloween decor. I introduced Clark to the Grim Reaper and his Halloween costume was decided.

Kent was a harder sell. He didn't want to be anything for a long while. Then he decided on a football player werewolf. We had a few rough patches with his costume (including a night time parade of 6 different JoAnn stores) but in the end, we love the way it came out!

Kara didn't have to hide behind a costume and could be Supergirl without anyone being the wiser! We also love how her costume turned out! She's SUPER!

We had an awesome time at Trunk or Treat this year. Clark went around twice and then came back to help hand out the candy. He told me he wasn't interested in getting more candy. Then I saw him pick through the bag of candy that we were giving out and sneaking it into his bag...nicely played.

Then we went over to my brother's Halloween party. It was a Villain's theme which was awesome. Dave went as Syndrome from The Incredibles. My dad went as Gru and my mom went as his minion. Love that!

There are more Halloween posts to come! Stay tuned!

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-michele said...

Fun Fun Fun... wish I had seen Boompa in person! That's a hoot!


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