Thursday, September 26, 2013

Curb Appeal?

No, that can't be right. It's more like Curb Upheaval. Yea, better.

We've run into a few "chinks in the armor" if you will. What I thought was a foolproof plan has turned a total mess. I first posted about some changes I wanted to make to the front yard in this post. I was really not planning on doing anything about it until spring, but I was running some ideas by Jason and he said, "let's do it." So off to Menards I went to pick up my paint (Pittsburgh Paints' Chalky Blue) and some new shutters (since they had a rebate which made them $13 a pair). Then Jason decides that we should probably get a paint sprayer since that would make the job so much easier. I didn't argue since painting all of the louvers on the shutters seemed like an awful task. Then I pick up some outdoor lights that I found on sale at the Depot. Now we're into running conduit since we are adding lights on the garage. So much for quick fixes...
Maybe I'll just list what we've accomplished.

  • remove storm door - DONE (and I also managed to remove all of the weather stripping for the regular door too...oops)
  • painted the shutters - DONE (and we've also started to peel all of the paint off of the shutters since it isn't paintable plastic...oops)
  • removed one light fixture - DONE (but nothing is up in its place and there is now a hole in my front closet and on the front of our garage from running new wire...oops)
  • removed one shutter - DONE (and there are three still up there that are the wrong color. the fourth was sent to a scrap metal guy that drove by...oops)

One step forward, fifty steps back! The shutter situation is really the most frustrating. The plastic ones from Menards were not a fantastic choice but they were the right price ($26 for 4) and ALMOST the right size. Now that we've found out that they can't be painted, and we can't put our old ones back up since one of them went to the curb, we are looking for other options. Shutters are definitely more expensive than I was anticipating!

We'll figure something out though...and it will be fabulous!

1 comment:

-michele said...


I think you should put the three remaining shutters back up and then play the theme to Beverly Hillbillies...

Couldn't you spray the shutters with the plastic spray paint... and then do another coat on top of that with the correct color? I've used that krylon stuff on ugly cheap plastic lawn chairs and it worked great!


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