Monday, September 09, 2013

Putting On A Front

I resolve to actually do something about the front yard in the spring. I keep ripping the same things out and they keep coming back and I don't replace them with anything. But next year is going to be different. In the spring, we will have a little more curb appeal than we have now. I know. You and I will BOTH believe it when we see it!

Here's the right now:

And the plan...
-replace the pine tree with a tree that is a better scale (and look!)
-add some interest with foundation and accent plants (maybe some dense yew, euonymus, grasses?)
-plant grass where the old flower beds used to be
-new shutters
-paint the front door (I'd love to replace it, but I don't think it's in the budget for next year)
-replace light fixtures
-get nice house numbers
-address the post issue (one fell down and the other is just dumb)
-get rid of the rocks!!
-do something with the mailbox?

Oh how I want to add BIG things to this list (like tear off the entire front) but we'll just settle for a few changes next year. Baby steps!

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