Thursday, May 09, 2013

C2E2 - Or the Best Day of Their Lives

The boys had an amazing time at the C2E2 Show. I guess it would be hard not to enjoy a day looking at comics, taking pictures of grown ups in costumes and playing with superhero toys. 

Josh, Clark and Kent get into character.

Clark and Josh with Juggernaut

Clark and Israel Idonije...I guess Israel (Mr. Idonije...what do I call him?) came up to Clark who was standing in line and just swept him right up and said, "I need to take a picture with this kid." I think Clark was pretty happy. Thanks Uncle Brandon for being ready with your phone to snap the pic!

Clark and a Halo guy

Clark and some people...Jason wasn't sure who they were.

Clark and Josh with Deadpool

Kent and Spiderman. Kent wasn't too excited about pictures with these characters. I'm not sure who is getting the stink eye at the moment, but they better be sorry.

Clark and Kent with a Star Wars Trooper. Not sure which kind...

Josh and more Star Wars fans. I guess our boys didn't want to take their picture with Darth Maul.

with Chewbacca

The only character that Kent was okay taking a picture with was Batman. Joker and Harley Quinn had to sneak in behind to get the picture. Kent still talks about seeing Batman.

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