Friday, May 10, 2013

My First Lacrosse Game

We were able to go to one of Josh's lacrosse games a few weekends ago. I learned a lot and always enjoy seeing Josh on the field. 

Josh scooping up the ball

Clark liked the game and thought the bleachers were pretty cool. He wore himself out by climbing up and down, up and down.

Kent asked Gigi if he could watch Monster Trucks. I would just tell him no, but Gigi always tries to please. Kent was disappointed that he couldn't see the videos since it was too bright out, so Gigi made a little house for them to sit under and watch the videos. I can only image how hot they were!

And then the fall that ended it all. The game was almost over and Josh was pushed down. He decided that he was done - for this game at least.

His team won 6-1. Go Hawks! Go Josh!

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