Friday, May 03, 2013

Belated Easter Celebrations

The Wilde's weren't able to have Easter on Easter this year, so we postponed it. Didn't you know you could do that? Easter is whenever you want it to be...not just when the calendar says so. It's always fun to have an extra holiday dinner if you ask me. And it's nicer that we could do two holiday dinners on different days this year. We usually have to do them both on one day. That isn't fair to this prego mama. I was in enough discomfort as it was after one meal. But really...who cares about that?!

Let's get to the egg hunt! Jason had to photograph it since I couldn't really walk.

This picture was taken after Clark fell into the water. Uncle Brandon and Uncle Cody were in charge of hiding the eggs. They just threw them out in the yard wherever. Well, Grandma did not like that one bit so she made them go back outside and hide them again so that it would be a challenge for the kids. Brandon decided to EMPTY an egg and throw it in a puddle of water. I guess the boys were all racing for it and Clark got a little too close. All for an EMPTY egg. I think Uncle Brandon should have put a $5 bill in there or something for the poor guy.

Happy Belated Easter!

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