Saturday, May 04, 2013

Kara's Quilt

We are counting down the days until our little girl arrives and with that comes all sorts of sewing projects. I bought the fabric for this quilt back in January and just now cut into it. But...four days later and we can call her done! I spent all of Saturday, while the boys were at Comicon, cutting, piecing, pressing...shampoo, rinse, repeat...

Then Monday I was able to finish piecing the top, Tuesday I quilted it with Auntie Kelli and Gigi, and Wednesday I was able to figure out bias binding and get her finished. We had a little rough go on Tuesday when I was having serious fabric choice anxiety, but after the binding was stitched on, all of that went away. I think it is just absolutely perfect now. It's ready for a precious little baby to bundle.

The pattern is Houndstooth by V and Co. I bought it a while ago thinking that it would be an awesome baby quilt for our next boy. When we found out we were having a girl, I decided that it would be an awesome baby quilt for our next girl too! I love the pink and greige and it is just perfect with the floral backing. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

I always like to try new long as it isn't food! This time I cut bias binding and rounded the corners of the quilt. I used this tutorial for the rounded corners. I think it really softens it up and it was really easy to do.

Oh...soon we'll be rocking together in this awesome rocking chair! Can't wait!

And a better picture of just the front - love that houndstooth!


-michele said...

It came out lovely! and I am envious of the rocker!

Anonymous said...

I saw it in person and it is perfect. Love it all. Gigi


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