Monday, February 25, 2013

The Year of the Snake

Gong Hay Fat Choy! That's what the boys are saying if you could hear them! We had our annual Chinese New Year party earlier this month. I had a blast this year! 

I've said before that Clark is going to be an event's some proof! He set up all of the decorations on the table. He decided that we needed to do a snake craft for the kids since it was the year of the snake. He rounded up all of our Chinese New Year and Asian-inspired books and put them in our book crate. He even created some artwork...Chinese characters copied from The Pet Dragon book, Clark at the Great Wall of China, and a snake. He told me that he thinks Chinese New Year is his new favorite holiday, ha!

These are the only pictures I have of the event. As soon as the party started, I was either too full or too distracted to bother with any pictures. I think that's a good way to be. We had such great food this year though. Each year it gets a little better!

As soon as everyone left, the boys decided to fake sleep on the couch. Seriously I can't stop laughing about Kent's fake sleeping. What a ham!

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