Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kent Conquers the Potty!

We decided that we would start potty training Kent in January. After two days of Potty Boot Camp, he was set going number one. It would be another 2 weeks before we would have success with number two. Our big incentive for him to go number 2 on the potty was to go to Build a Bear Workshop and make a best friend. What a beautiful day it was when we all finally got to go!

Kent and his new best friend...both sporting big boy undies!

Picking out which bear would become his new best friend.

Giving his new bear a big, loud ROAR!

Fill him up with stuffing

Making a wish and giving him a heart.

Cleaning him up and drying him off. He really did actually need the cleaning after being hauled through the store on the floor.

Picking out the perfect outfit and dressing the bear. I love Clark in the background playing hockey with a bear sized stick and puck.

 Kent teaching his bear how to play hockey.

 Finally giving the bear a name - Skates, of course.

All done and ready to take Skates home!

It's now been 4 weeks since we've changed a diaper and Kent is a champ at going on the potty. He's even been 2 weeks without an accident. Atta big boy, Kent! What a milestone!

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Sara Ferrell said...

Go Kent!!! I really need to look into this Potty Boot Camp... We're doing the lazy-whatever method right now, and *shock* it's not very effective! :)


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