Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Making a New Friend

The boys made a new friend this weekend! Meet Ice Man. It's funny how even something as simple as building a snowman can be powered up when you let DAD help the boys.

First you need to roll a nice big snowball.

Then you roll two more!

Stack the balls from largest to smallest. Ask for help when the ball is too big! Teamwork!

Step back and admire your project. You have worked very hard.

Gather some warm weather gear, a face and some arms.

Ta da! Take a picture with your new friend.

Wait...there's more? I don't remember any other steps...enter the man's guide to building a snowman.

Fortify your friend's resolve by spraying him down with a nice thin layer of water. Be sure to cover him completely so that no one can push him down and he nearly lasts forever.

Now you're finished. Well, I guess that is open for debate. I did have to nix a few more ideas involving Kool Aid, ladders, heavy machinery and loads of other costume options. I also got to listen to stories of snowmen gone before. Ahhh...the carefree days. This picture makes me so happy.

Hello Ice Man. I hope you can stay for a while.

These boys LOVE playing in the snow. I don't know how they can withstand the cold for so long. It's so fun to watch them though...as I'm sitting in the house sipping hot chocolate.

Hey look...a token picture of me. I was there too. Not that this is a super flattering pose...and I needed some of that heavy machinery to help me get out of my snow chair, haha! 

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