Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Zombie Snowman

...or what I like to call "another reason we should rake leaves in the fall"

With all of our new snow, a new snowman was in order. Jason tested out the snow and knew that this was going to be a much bigger and better snowman than Iceman. Making the snowballs was a cinch...getting them where  they needed to go...that was another story!

He lost the first belly section to the forces of gravity. Spilled guts and everything.

I think he can. I think he can.

Maybe he can't. The second seemed to be going the same way. He tried to enlist the help of the boys, but neither of them were really interested. But he was going to make that snowman if it was the last thing he did.

I went in to stir dinner and came out to victory! He had managed to get the second section up. Now the problem was getting it to stay there.

Meet Rambo (his head is too big to wear a hat, so he only gets a headband)

More fun in the snow. Kent shoveled lots of grass.

Manifestation of my new flamingo obsession.

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