Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas Candylane in HersheyPark

We decided to finish off our week at HersheyPark back in our favorite PA city! HersheyPark celebrates with their Christmas Candylane. They decorate the park for Christmas in lights and characters everywhere.

Of course this happened to be the coldest day of our trip - and it was damp. It only started raining as we were leaving in the evening. Thank goodness! We didn't let a little weather get us down though. We rode the heck out of the rides and enjoyed our freezing cold hot dogs and fries.

The rides are all marked with different candy for the height requirements. Kent was a miniature, of course. Clark was my favorite, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

We loved when the boys could ride together on the rides. They were so good together and Clark made sure Kent wasn't too scared. He's such a great big brother. This is the Extreme (according to Clark's raised arms) Hot Air Balloon ride.

There were occasions when Jason had to take the kids on rides. I couldn't ride most of the rides being prego and all. Those are extreme speeds and bumps on the kiddie rides, you know! It felt silly, but I still wasn't willing to take the risk. We had to parent swap on the rides. I stood in line with the kids who couldn't go and Jason rode twice in a row. The worst part...he hates spinny rides and I LOVE them!

 Ahhhhh...finally a prego-approved ride.

There were winter characters all over the park. Kent was NOT interested in taking pictures with them - no big surprise there.

OK, let's play a you see Kent, now you don't! What happened?!

Clark pointed out the dinosaur behind him! The dino heads moved and Kent got completely spooked and had to get off of the ride. Oh we couldn't stop laughing about it. Poor guy. He really deserves more sympathetic parents.

This was probably the most extreme ride. Another spinny ride that went sort of fast.

Another prego-approved ride was the Skyview - a chairlift over part of the park. Clark loved that he had to jump on and off while it was still moving.

Clark made an insta-friend on this the little pirate ship ride. They were hilarious how they were talking and laughing with each other. Then they decided that after they rode the pirate ship they wanted to ride the teacups together. Jason was very excited about that since he HATES the teacup type rides.

Swings - so much fun! Kent was quite bummed that Miniatures couldn't ride this one.

But never fear...the rides continued for Kent too. He's having a blast on the little scrambler.

They had a real steam engine to ride too, the Twilight Express.

Real reindeer - all 9 of them

The Kiss-mas Tree and some Sweet Lights - we loved that they had a Kiss-mas tree since that is how Kent has been saying Christmas tree this year. Too cute.

Hey...a family picture with an extra member of the family. Such a fun day in HersheyPark!

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