Friday, January 18, 2013


Day 3 in PA - We dropped dad off at his first day of training at York and we drove out to Gettysburg. Here Clark learned all about Abraham Lincoln and tried to learn a little about the Civil War. It is VERY HARD to explain the Civil War to a 5 year old. When he came home, he described it as the place where a lot of people died. I'd say he pretty much summed it up.

We started our tour at the Cyclorama. What a strange thing that was. I enjoyed it, but I've never really seen anything like it.

We took a walk through the museum/visitor's center.

The boys completely fascinated by the firearms. It took me forever to get them away from these cases.

Then we took followed the auto tour through the battlefield. I knew they wouldn't sit through another guided tour...and I wasn't prepared to force them into submission, so we took things at our own pace and took in what we could. Here we are on the top of Little Round Top.

Kent showing his Monkey See - Monkey Do tendencies.

Another incidence of Monkey See - Monkey Do.

At least this one includes smiles!!

The boys favorite part of our drive was when we got out at Devil's Den. They loved climbing on the rocks and beating them with sticks. That was Kent's favorite part anyway. Clark liked jumping the most.

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