Thursday, January 17, 2013

Indian Echo Caverns and ZooAmerica

Day 2 in PA...Kent begins his day with the toddler straight jacket. I can't even remember why now, but he was so upset about something. He probably wanted to go see the goats again or something.

We went to the Indian Echo Caverns just outside of Hershey. The caverns were beautiful, but I was surprised at all of the modifications they had done to make it accessible for tours. They had blasted through walls to open it up. They had widened the paths and created stairs. They installed hundreds of lights. I guess it made it really nice, but I thought they would have tried to keep it as natural as possible. Shows what I know! They did most of the work back in the 1930s...a very different mindset back then I suppose.

Here are the boys headed to the cavern.

The Rainbow Room is on the left and Mirror Lake is on the right. For scale...the water in Mirror Lake is a deep 6 inches.

After the caves, we went back to Hershey to go to ZooAmerica. Hershey started ZooAmerica as a home for his pet elephant, Peanut. Now it is home to a whole host of North American animals. It was really neat to only see animals of North America. The boys loved pointing out all of the rattlesnakes. I think they had 5 different kinds. Then there was the albino alligator, Sugar, who was on loan from Florida. Jason was very excited to see that. We thought the scorpion was neat. I guess if you put a scorpion under a black light they glow like this. We also saw a roadrunner...that's Clark's school mascot.

Look how big these boys are getting! We couldn't believe the weather in PA. It was beautiful and in the 60s in December!!

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-michele said...


1) Toddler Straightjacket... Do they have those for 10 year olds?

2) Clark being too busy checking over his shoulder to pose in the cavern.


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