Monday, August 27, 2012

Canada Part 4: Shore Crew

One of the highlights of our vacations to Canada are the days we spend at St. Mary's Reservoir on the boat. It is such a quiet, peaceful place until we get there. Uncle Darwin has a nice boat with all sorts of fun attachments - tubes, skis, wakeboard, kneeboard, etc. But some of the fun is staying on shore! Or at least not falling off of one of said attachments...

The boys enjoying a wild and crazy boat ride!

Sometimes we spend our time making commercials for our favorite soft drinks. I'm pretty sure this isn't "Do-ing the Dew" like they used to have in their commercials, but it's all this old man can handle!

We even practice our storytelling skills! This kid has come such a long way this summer. He's a regular old water bug now.

We spend lots of time watching the boat go past, building sand stuff (not sure any of it would qualify as a castle), throwing sand and riding on water floaties. Kent got a huge hors-yfly bite on his back on the first day. The second day it was swollen to the size of a tennis ball or something. You can kind of see it in the top right photo.

Lots of lounging time too. Except when your 21 year old son comes at you with a bucket of water...just ask Wendy. She'll love reliving that story!

We'll call this part of the Shore Crew since Jason didn't quite make it off the shore! Zack did just fine though!

Our BBQ Bruiser! Don't mess with his grill. He got the black eye from the kneeboard earlier that morning. More pictures of that to follow! We loved this little grill. It has a collapsible stand that folds down and you can wheel it away. Pretty handy.

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