Saturday, August 25, 2012

Canada Part 3: Waterton

Waterton is a must do when we go to Canada. This year we stopped at some new places as well as the old standbys! Red Rock Canyon was so fun! The canyon was beautiful and the hike through it was fun and freezing (at least on our feet).

The boys loved Red Rock Canyon. Clark did most of the hike by himself. He didn't like the parts where the water got too deep though. That's when Jason had to step in. Kent didn't like too much of the hike on his own, but as long as dad carried him through he was fine.

 I have to add these pictures since these are probably the only pictures that Wendy has ever asked me to take of her. Now we have proof that she was there. :)

While we were going through the canyon, these guys in safari hats and walkie talkies kept coming through. I finally stopped one of them and asked if they were official or if they were just having fun with walkie talkies. Turns out they were a film crew shooting a commercial for Travel Alberta. Pretty cool. I was amazed that they had to carry all of their film gear through the rocky terrain. I had trouble with just my camera sometimes...they had cameras, reflectors, tvs, computer equipment, etc. I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks.

This was the worst part of the hike. You had to go through about 2 - 2.5 feet of water. Jason had long since sucked it up and got his boots and jeans wet. He carried Kent on his shoulders and Clark on his side. Before you think that I wasn't doing anything...I was holding the camera. It's important that we document all of these moments. The camera is almost more important than the children...okay, maybe that's a stretch. After you go through this little pass, the trail ends and you have to turn around and come back. Hopefully it was worth it a little bit! Next time we'll be dressing a little differently for Red Rock Canyon.

Some highlights of the hike...Melissa falling into the big water hole! Then tripping again on her way out. Those red rocks were super slippery. Don't worry...the contents of her purse were not harmed in these shots.

Most of the hikes we took had Jason carrying both kids and me with the camera. I don't know if we should have another kid...where would he put the child when we take hikes? Cody is only pretending to scale this wet wall. I'm sure he could have done it with the right equipment. Let's go with that. Cam doing what is known as "the dad pose." You'll see more of it later!

Above the canyon, they have a bridge where you can stand and see all those silly people playing in the freezing cold water. Here Zach, Cameron, Tyson, Susan, Darwin and Clinton all wave hello!

Off to have some know Kent has to help if someone is pulling a cooler.

We also went to Blakiston Falls which is a short hike from Red Rock Canyon. Next time we have to remember to bring swimsuits. You can hike down to the bottom of the falls and go swimming.

Momma and baby bear. I just had my regular lens on the camera, so this is just zoomed in. We couldn't find my other lens. Jason even got out of the car while we were watching the bears. They weren't that far from us, but he was determined that we have some good shots. Maybe next time. This one will have to do for now. Melissa and I stood up on the seats and peeked out the sunroof for these. After we passed these bears we were all on the lookout. Clark actually spotted our next bear, but it was really far away.

We also saw some big horn least that's what I think they are.

Next stop is always town and the ice cream shop! Clark loves the tiger ice's orange sherbet and black licorice ice cream. Yuck. Jason had to eat his, Clark's and Kent's. The boys couldn't finish the cones they got!

 One of the usual spots...Cameron Lake. It never disappoints!

We bought Clark a slingshot and practiced here quite a bit. Kent preferred to just throw the rocks. And we saw a deer! Not as exciting as a bear, but we'll take it.

Jason: Clark, I'll give you $5 if you do a front float in the lake.
Clark: Okay! (jumps in)
Clark: Where's my $5?

Last stop...Cameron was getting late, so we just took a quick trip up and back.

I got to play a little with my shutter!

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