Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Canada Part 5: The Mild Rides

Tubing. What a nice way to spend a day at the lake. Tubes are like the gateway to water sports. Even I can get on a tube. Kent was having none of it though. He didn't want to be on that tube at all.

I thought for sure he would have quieted down once the boat started going. Nope. Still crying and Braiden and Zach couldn't look more bored.

Braiden: This is so boring I'd rather pick my nose (scratch my face I mean!)
Kent: Doesn't anyone hear me?!?!
Zach: This better not take up my turn. Nobody told me they were going to put a baby on this tube.

They finally hit some waves...
Kent: What was that? It was kind of fun. (Kent finally stopped crying.)
Zach and Braiden: Now we're talking!

Clark didn't remember that he loved his tube ride two years ago. So he sat with dad on the first one. They went with Crystal and Skylar for a nice tour around the lake.

If you look closely you can see Clark is already giving the thumbs up to go faster.

The triumphant return! He remembers now that he likes tubing.

Cameron's tube ride with Cody and Brandon was not the most mild ride, but compared to the wild rides (coming soon) it was pretty tame. He had a blast though.

Brandon goes up...

Cody goes up...

Brandon goes DOWN!!!

Look ma, no hands! Tyson, Braiden and Zach finally get a real ride on the tube.

Clark took me and Auntie Melissa on a tube ride at the end of the day. It was a mild ride, but we got plenty wet. The water became so choppy and it was freezing cold.

I love how Clark and I look like this is the end of the world even though the water is nothing but still all around us. Clark said his favorite part of tubing was the bumps.

Here's the proof.

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