Friday, August 31, 2012

Canada Part 11: Henderson Park and the Greats

We were happy to spend time with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Wilde. They came to the park with us for a little while. It was nice to be able to let the little kids run around and come visit in spurts. They seem to be doing really well. They love their new place in Raymond.

I think it is so fun to see the different kinds of playground equipment in different areas. Henderson Park had these neat saucer swings for the kids. I really wanted to try them out, but neither Clark nor Kent wanted to come with me. When I tried to get Kent to sit on my lap, he just screamed and wriggled until he was let down. I did get to try the swings on my own though. Pretty fun.


Kent loved this climbing tree. It was mounted on a spinning platform which was kind of cool. I would have loved to have Jason spin me around in circles on that one. Good times. Kent couldn't get enough of this one though. He would climb all the way to the top, then down, then all the way up, then get the picture.

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