Thursday, August 30, 2012

Canada Part 10: Wipe Outs

Ahhh, the wipe outs. These are the photos that you are just dying to get when you are out on the boat. These are the ones that when you are watching a slide show in the backyard, everyone has a comment.

Clark and Kent came out on the boat while we were on the kneeboards, wakeboard and skis. They just LOVED watching people wipe out. I asked Clark if he wanted to do it, and he said emphatically, "No Way!" Whenever Kent would get in a cranky mood we could count on talking about the people who went splash to cheer him up.

Daddy went splash.

Uncle Brandon went splash. Grandpa went splash. Mommy went splash. Uncle Cody went splash. And on and on and on down the list.

Did Kent go splash? "Nope," was his quick reply.

Jason was glad there was still a week of vacation left because he wouldn't have been able to work from how sore his body was.

And this is the last of the lake posts. Hallelujah!

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