Friday, August 31, 2012

Canada Part 12: Birds of Prey

We spent an afternoon at the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation. You know, I think it is quite fitting that they put the ducks and Canada geese right at the beginning. They do seem quite vicious, don't they? Clark thought so. He maintained a safe distance for a long time. On the way out he was finally comfortable enough to let them eat out of his hand. But he did it...that's the important part!

Feeding the ducks.

They rescued this little owlet and had it in the main lobby. It's only one week old here. It's a Burrowing Owl in case you are interested.

And because inquiring minds want to know...this is what Jason looks like when he wakes up in the morning. The Great Horned Owl himself.

Those who wanted were able to actually hold a barn owl. I love how Cody and the owl are old frat buddies, haha!

Clark chose not to hold the owl, but he did ask if he could pet it. The trainer had to keep the owl's mouth busy by chewing on her fingers so that the owl wouldn't snap at Clark when he pet her.

They had a lot of eagles. Our favorite was Lincoln, the bald eagle.

They had a flying demonstration of a Harris Hawk while we were there. The coolest part was when they would throw a piece of chicken out to the hawk and the hawk would grab it in flight and then take it to the ground and rip into it. Pretty gross. In the picture on the far right, you can see the protrusion on the hawk's chest where the food is lodged.

We were pretty bummed that we didn't see any peregrine falcons. Clark has this slight fascination with them. He actually tells me that he has a pet peregrine falcon. The falcon goes from our house to Chicago but comes back on Thursdays.

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