Thursday, August 23, 2012

And He's FIVE!

It seems too crazy to be true, but this guy is five years old now! He turned five the day after we came back from Canada. Let's just say that I never want to come home the day before his birthday ever again. I felt like we were so rushed and tired and busy. Not to mention the back to school stuff. We managed to squeak out a little celebration at none other than Chuck E. Cheese. Clark was so excited when I suggested it for dinner. I love a kid who is easy to please!

The boys had a ton of fun playing at all the games. Kent did not like the "real" Chuck E. Cheese and was constantly looking over his shoulder to see where he was. Clark made most of his money at the water game. He was pretty good and beat a girl at least twice his age (and a girl that is over 6 times his age too...that might have been me.).

Then we had Kindergarten Orientation at Clark's school. He didn't mind sharing his birthday with school stuff. He was excited to find his desk, meet his teacher, sit in his cubby. He was a little nervous exploring everything. I am excited to see the change that will come at Open House. I'm sure he will be bouncing off the walls showing us stuff. His teacher had a little Kindergarten Survival Kit on each of their desks with candy and a little poem.

Then we were off to Toys R Us for a little birthday shopping. We thought Clark might enjoy picking out his own gifts this year. He loved this castle set and ogre by Imaginext. I think we have (or will have after Sunday) the entire line of Imaginext toys. We all love them around here. I wasn't going to argue for another picture with open eyes...that's so overrated.

We finished up the evening with a Portillo's chocolate cake - yummmmmmy!

Five Reasons I Love Clark on His 5th Birthday
1. He is such a happy kid and a good friend.
2. He tells great jokes.
3. He still likes to cuddle up and read stories with me.
4. He has a great smile and laugh.
5. He knows what he wants.

Happy Birthday to my big five year old!

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