Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clark - Class of 2025!

Check it was Clark's first day of kindergarten today! Hip, hip hooray! I'm so excited for him to be starting this next phase of his life. I was a little nervous for him too even though I know he is going to do just fine. It's less about the first day of kindergarten and more about how I feel like I'm handing my son over to the big, bad world and I'm not sure if he is going to make it.

But one look at this face this morning and I knew that I could just throw my worries out the window. What a stud!

Is he mocking me? Or is this genuine? I just can't tell anymore.

He's showing me how heavy his backpack is and how it is making him fall over. He had almost all of his school supplies in there. Maybe I should have staggered them out a bit. He has a male kindergarten teacher - Mr. K. I'm so excited about it. I think he's really going to love having a guy teacher. But at the same time, I'm a little bummed because now I have no idea what to do for teacher if it isn't hard enough trying to buy for guys that I I have to buy for one that I don't really know. I mean I can't just pick up a Bath and Body Works set. Ok, I wouldn't have bought one for a girl teacher either. Ramble, ramble, ramble...

He picked out each piece of his ensemble on his own (minus the khakis). I don't really get much say anymore. But I insisted on the khakis. Otherwise it would have been lounge pants for sure. We live for comfies over here. As he was going to bed tonight, he asked why I made him wear those shorts. I told him because they looked nice. He told me they were stupid. Whatever. Just wait until he sees what I make him wear tomorrow, mwahahahaha!

My big boy...CLASS OF 2025!

He didn't want to be the first one on the bus. He made his friends (the neighbors) go on first so he wouldn't be the first one.

Here he is after his first full day of school. I can't imagine how long the day felt for him since he's never been to school and now he is in all day kindergarten. He bolted off the bus without so much as a hi or hello and went straight to playing with his friends. We forced him to come in and talk to us for a few minutes, but he really needed to get out and play.

What he remembered from the first day...
1. He played a pop the balloon game and he popped the balloon on his first try. It had a marble inside.
2. He sat next to a boy named Corbin at lunch. (He ate his PB&J, cookies and pez. The rest came back. Hooray for tomorrow's lunch already being packed!)
3. His teacher taught him about lizards or maybe it was a coral snake. (This one is a little sketchy because he started talking about it and it sounded more like he was making stuff up. One point for creativity, I guess?)
4. He didn't sing any songs.
5. He gave all his school supplies to Mr. K.

I was hoping for a little more, but I'll cling to these five little facts with all my might.

The verdict - he is excited to go back tomorrow!


Emilee said...

I hate to tell you, but for a boy you got A LOT of information. Boys seem to go for small highlights, Girls give you a play-by-play.

My little one is anxiously waiting to start Kindergarten next week. I know exactly what you mean by the "big bad world" after they go to school it is never the same--for good and bad.

-michele said...

That's more info than I got from BOTH of my kids together...

It sounds like it was an awesome first day!


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