Thursday, June 07, 2012

It's a Bird!'s a plane.

My dad wanted to celebrate his birthday at the village's Cavalvade of Planes this year. The boys thought it was a great idea! I did too and even missed out on a shopping opportunity because I wanted to see them see the planes.

They were able to sit in the cockpit of a few planes. How cool is that?

Josh and Clark as pilots...yikes!

We were able to stand next to the runway and watch the planes land. It was really cool. The blue plane, a TBMAvenger landed and then pulled its wings into the sides of the airplane. Awesome. We also had a good time finding the faces of the planes. Some even had whiskers.

Kent was absolutely in awe of the planes and notices them everywhere now. He likes anything that Boompa likes.

There were some military planes and helicopters there too. The boys had a great time looking at all the bullets and guns. I didn't know why we looked at them for so long. They also had simulators set up for plane hobbyists. My dad and brother just bought RC planes, so they were excited to use the simulators and talk to the pros.

Happy Birthday Boompa...hope this year is just plane wonderful!


Melissa said...

Oh MAN! That is rad! My dad would love this place. Is it a traveling thing or is it around all the time?

Something Wilde said...

It's in Bolingbrook about this time each year at Clow Airport. I guess this is its 13th year or something. You should tell your dad to FLY in next year. He has a personal plane, right?


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