Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Extreme Bugs

After working a million hours last week, Jason was able to stay home on Friday. Naturally, we decided to go to the zoo. I wasn't really prepared for the zoo. My camera ran out of battery, but we did see some cool things. Good thing we had Jason's phone to pick up the slack for the pics.

Like the eagles who were yelling at the zookeeper cleaning up their cage. They make such a crazy sound.

And we had to see more reptiles since Jason was there. He was really excited about this False Water Cobra. He says it's a very nice poisonous snake. I say we're still not getting one. I was really surprised that the snake was so active. Certainly made it more exciting...for a reptile.

The whole reason we decided to go to the zoo was to see the Extreme Bug Invasion. They are huge robotic insects that make sounds and move. Clark was familiar with it since he saw the dinosaurs a few years ago. Kent...not so much. Later that night when we were cleaning up the yard for the birthday party, we saw some lightning bugs. Kent freaked out when we said there were bugs. I think he thought they were going to be as big as the ones at the zoo!

Suppose you walk by this sign that says, "What does a stink bug smell like? Push here to find out." You laugh because nobody in their right mind is going to push that to smell a stink bug. And then you turn around to see your husband doing this...will I ever understand these creatures called boys?

Clark and the stink bug.

If this were not a family friendly site, Jason would ask what the lady bug was doing to the beetle. But we'll just leave it at...I love VW Beetles.

Praying Mantis fever! We've being learning a lot about praying mantises since we'll be hatching some soon, so this was a highlight.

Last stop was the big cats where we saw the Amur Leopard walking around. Then it finally sat right in front on the window with its back turned toward us. Party pooper.

I never really knew I would love the zoo so much. It's so fun to go with the kids each time. We always learn something new and they just can't get enough.

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