Friday, June 08, 2012

We Had a Ball!

The obvious choice for Kent's birthday party theme was sports. This kid is crazy about all sports and all of their gear. Just check out this birthday boy with his football love. Sometimes one football just isn't enough.

We had peanuts in the shell for something fun to keep the kids busy. Check out Kent's skills in cracking open those shells!

We went with a tailgating menu and a sweet and salty snack table. Can I just say I ate way too many no bake cookies?! Kelli made the cake. I made it harder by saying that I didn't want fondant, but she still managed an AMAZING cake with regular frosting. She's so talented! Wendy brought her famous chocolate covered strawberries - yum!

One of my favorite things with the sports party was to get a baseball and have everyone who attended autograph the ball. We're going to get a nice little case so he can display it in his room. So cute!

I really love having photo booths at the parties too. The kids always love them. I decided some referee stripes and sports gear was all that was necessary. Somehow the safety glasses managed to make an appearance too! (Top to bottom, left to right: Destiny, Alvinia, Me, Clara, Isaiah, Clark, Zachery, Gigi and Kent, and Josh)

Ok, maybe I have more favorite things. We decided to spray paint a football field on the grass in the backyard. I wish I would have bought more spray paint to make the lines we know. Don't you just love how Gigi is running the football with her phone in her hand? Nice. She's probably playing Dragonvale.

Kent was all about the presents this year although he still got side tracked and wanted to take each one out of the box. I know he looks like he doesn't like the balls, but it's really just because he's trying to figure out how to open the packaging.

He's been so funny each time we sing Happy Birthday. Today we got the tongue roll. He must have really loved this version. Then time to blow out the candles and eat the frosting. It's the best part. Why waste time on the cake?

I had such a great time at his party. But...I was all sports'ed out at the end. I was ready to just relax and watch some TV. What did Jason turn on? The stupid basketball game. I got him back the next night by making him watch The Bachelorette. Haha. I really wish summer TV was better.

Happy Birthday Party Kent!

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