Saturday, June 02, 2012

Money Bags

I'm so impressed with this little guy's money management skills. Watch out Dave Ramsey! Clark's been saving up and finally had $10. He's been seeing commercials for Trash Packs Series 2 and was very excited to go buy some.

We went to Toys R Us and spotted the Trash Packs. I showed him each of the different packages and told him how much they were. I told him the first package was $11.99 and that he didn't have enough. He looked at it and said, "okay." and put it back. Then the second package was $9.99. I told him he had enough but that it would take all his money. He was very concerned and did not want to have to part with ALL of his money. So I showed him the last pack that was $6.99 and he was glad to hear that he had enough money and that he would have some left over.

I can really learn a few lessons from this kiddo.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I hope you have taught him that he must first respect money (i.e. - make sure it is unfolded and properly placed in a wallet) before money can respect him.


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