Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On the Boat

Happy Graduation Ayla! To celebrate, they chartered a boat on the Fox River. It was awesome. I loved everything about the night. So did the boys! Well, I guess I didn't like that Jason had to work the entire time. That kind of stunk. Thanks Lisa and Ayla for a fun night!

Here's the happy graduate!

The kids all had a great time. Upstairs, downstairs, jumping off the seats, playing the DS, and talking Will's, the upstairs safety guy, ears off!

Kent let the big kids have their fun and decided to spend his time watching for boats. I'm not sure if he knew we were on a boat too, but each time he saw a boat he would call it out, "another boat." I'm fairly certain that he and Jason are going to drive me nuts about watercraft.

Cute little boys on a boat.

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