Monday, May 28, 2012

Party at the North Pole

We celebrated Kent's birthday at Santa's Village this year. His birthday was on Sunday, so we went out on Saturday for the fun stuff. I checked the weather and it was supposed to be  80s and a teeny chance of rain. We got there and it was as cold as the North Pole and wet. Unbelievable. It did eventually warm up, but the morning was pretty cold. At least I got a really tacky Santa's Village hoodie out of the ordeal. Jason just rolled his eyes.
Kent loved the entire day. He walked around in a complete daze. He wasn't quite sure where we were or why, but he loved it. Santa's Village was the perfect place for a little two year old's birthday. Kent was able to ride everything except for one ride.
This might have been the one ride that the boys didn't like. It was the Balloon Race. I loved it, but they were both little babies. Kent just kept saying, "down."
They did love the Kiddie-Whip. I was kind of looking forward to them getting whipped a little bit more, but it was a pretty mild ride. During the ride, Clark leaned over to ask Kent something and Kent nodded and smiled at him. It is so cute to see them interact with each other like that. In the rare moments that they aren't arguing with each other, they can actually have a conversation.
They had lots of animals there too. It is an aZOOsment park after all. I wonder how long it took them to come up with that. The boys loved touching the reptiles and feeding the pony. Feeding the goats...that is a whole different story. Both boys ended up in tears. Those crazy aggressive goats. I don't blame the boys. I don't like them either.
This is the BIG ride. The Dragon Coaster. Clark wasn't too sure about it at the beginning, but we made him go on it since it was the ride he kept talking about. Clark was on with some older kids and there was no line, so the conductor just kept sending them around and around. They rode the ride 3 times before someone else showed up in line. By the third time, Clark was sure that he liked it and was able to give the thumbs up. Thank goodness for bossy teenagers, haha!
The trucks may have been Kent's favorite ride. I can feel his excitement, right?
This is the only group shot we managed to get of the day. Jason and his mirrored sunglasses.
Kent takes after his Gigi being the bird lady. Feed the birds...and he did.
Santa's slide was a big hit! Clark took Kent down a few times. Then Kent went alone and almost ended up over the edge. He decided to stick with tandem riding after that.
Clark on Midnight
 Kent on Beeker
Has to be one of my favorite pictures of the day! I'm so glad Clark didn't throw up...he sure looks like he's going to! Why do they hate all of the fun rides?
Antique cars. And now Kent thinks he can drive the van wherever we go. how do you like Mr. and Mrs. Daisy in the back?
 Junior Firefighters Clark and Kent put out the blazing house fire.
Enjoying a complementary snow cone!
 And finishing up the day at Cracker Barrel.
Happy Birthday Kent!


-michele said...

I just love your family... and enjoy watching those adorable boys grow up... but would they slow down that growing up part just a little?

Melissa said...

I can't believe this place still exists! I never went as a kid, and am just now realizing what I missed out on!

You're really on a blogging kick! Well done!


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