Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kent Turns 2

So after working a jillion hours over the weekend, Jason was finally home and able to celebrate Kent's birthday properly. Kent hasn't minded one bit that his birthday celebration has lasted for 3 days. Can't blame him!

If there is one thing that this kid likes, it is balls. He picked up this gift and knew what is was right away. Haha! What a smart cookie. I'm actually very surprised he looked at any of the other toys after this one. It's a good thing there was a ball in almost every gift.

He loved his ball and glove too. We're working on how to use them together, but he'll get it soon. I have no doubt about that.

Second to sports and balls, he loves the sandbox. I couldn't resist this funny little wheelbarrow filled with sand toys. I'm hoping to fill it with mulch tomorrow and have him help me fill up the playground with it.

He was so cute when we sang Happy Birthday to him. He knew exactly when to blow out the candles. The camera...did not. So we sang it again and he enjoyed it just as much the second time. He even joined in on round 2!

Next  year I'm just going to give him a can of frosting instead of bothering with the cake. I'll take the easy road every now and again. It's the only part he eats on any cake.
It's been so great to have this little guy in our lives. We love everything about him. Even the fact that he is living up to every inch of the Terrible Twos right now. Thanks for being a part of our family Kent. We love you! Happy Birthday!

Don't worry...we'll continue the birthday festivities this weekend with the extended family. We're going to "have a ball!"


-michele said...

Kent is showing signs of his genius-dom already... cake is just a receptacle for icing!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Kent!! 9


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