Friday, May 11, 2012

May The 4th Be With You

The other day a favorite blog posted about Star Wars Day. I had no idea there was such a thing. It's an annual event held on May the 4th. I'm a big fan of the puns, so this one had me chuckling all day long. May the 4th be with you...hehe! Clark decided that we should celebrate by watching Star Wars (the one with the Jedis). Jason decided that we should kick off the outdoor movie watching season. I decided that we needed treats. It was quite a last minute celebration, so we had to improvise!

Star Crunch and Milky Way seemed appropriate.

Boompa, Gigi, Stephanie, Kent, Zachery and Clara all getting ready for the movie to begin...

Zachery, Clark and Cameron trying to stay warm. Clark is such a baby about the flash. Cracks me up. "It's soooooo bright, mom."

The Princess Leia buns were a very last minute idea (as in 3 seconds before the picture) that's why they are a little sloppy. I had to borrow a ponytail holder from Steph to make them work. Next year we'll do it up right! I'm dressing as a wookie. :)

Return of the Jedi - good, good movie. Any movie with Ewoks is a good movie in my book. Do you remember The Ewok Adventure? I must have watched that a million times when I was little. "Star Cruiser, crsh, crsh." Love it.

I've already marked my calendar for May 4th,'s going to be a great Star Wars Day! (It'll probably look a lot like this one, hehe!)

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