Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meeting Elder Oaks

Elder Oaks visited our stake for Stake Conference last week! My first thought when seeing him was that he looked amazingly young. He was so happy and just bouncing around the Stake Center shaking hands and saying hello.

We decided that we wanted to get to the church early so that we could be sure to get a good seat. Usually for Stake Conference we are in one of the itty bitty rooms with an itty bitty tv to look at. This time we wanted to be in the chapel/gym area. Jason was asked to usher and had to be there at 8:30, so we all got ready and went with him. Haha, joke's on us! By the time we got there, the entire chapel was filled and the overflow/gym area was filling up fast. I guess everyone was kind of excited to meet a General Authority. We did manage to get a seat near the rear and we were all still able to go up and shake hands with Elder Oaks. My mom and dad were in a special bishop's meeting with him. That would have been neat.

His message was simple...nothing out of the ordinary, but he's fun to listen to and a great storyteller with a sense of humor. I could not help but feel the goodness of this man as he spoke to and interacted with us. I am so grateful for the leaders of the church that care so much for us.

Thanks for coming to visit Elder Oaks!

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