Thursday, May 10, 2012

Angry Zoo Trip

Yet another zoo trip from last month! We went with my mom so that she could visit the Great Bear Wilderness gift shop. We weren't there long, but we sure did see a ton. Maybe the most exciting zoo trip to date. It seemed as though all of the animals were in a bad mood or maybe just feisty. 

The bison were butting heads.

The wild dogs were tearing each other apart.

The peacock even raised his feathers! We only saw it from the back, but I still feel pretty lucky to have seen that. Gosh they are so beautiful.

Family pic in Jason's favorite building. This one has the most reptiles...boring!

Another cool thing was watching the lion pace back and forth right in front of the observation window. He seemed so mad and like he wanted to get out of there. Clark loved watching him.

Let's see how Kent likes it...

...I'm going to take that as a NO WAY! He couldn't get far enough away!

We left the lion for a while and went to see the other cats, but on our way out of the zoo, the lion started roaring. That was CRAZY to hear. And definitely NOT something that I'd like to experience outside of the comfort of our zoo.

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-michele said...

Clark is more brave than I with that Lion! I am with Kent!


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